• Student Living in Spain

    January, 2024

In recent years, Student Living has become one of the main sub-sectors within Living Sector and, little by little, it is becoming more and more important within the investment market, with a high growth in the contracting of spaces dedicated to this type of real estate asset.

This sharp rise in investment interest is due to the strong growth being experienced in the annual rate of students in Spain, mostly at the master’s and postgraduate level, +0.5% higher than the growth of the population.

This large increase in investment in Student Living, has had a positive impact in other sectors, the growth of students and the demand for postgraduate and masters has caused many universities to demand different office spaces and allocate them to different functions such as opening new training centers or allocate administrative part to these new spaces.

The number of beds offered for students is expected to increase by c. 19,000 in the coming years. Most of the demand is concentrated in the main Spanish cities, Madrid and Barcelona, with c. 55% of the total demand in Spain.

In the overall European context, Spain is one of the main leaders in this type of investment. Over the next five years, c. €12,300 million is expected to be invested across Europe. The residences are also expected to be refurbished according to the ESG standards determined.