CG Capital Europe's Team

CG Capital Europe has a multidisciplinary team formed by more than 35 professionals (including executives, consultants and senior advisors), with an accumulated experience over 150 years in real estate and infrastructure investment banking and corporate finance, and with presence/previous experience in several different European countries.

CG Capital Europe’s team is comprised of highly qualified and motivated professionals that are fully committed with the values and key principles of the Company. CG Capital Europe’s deep real estate, infrastructure and corporate finance knowledge, together with its total commitment and deep involvement with its clients and other stakeholders, lead us to achieve excellence and best results at work.

Arturo Díaz Baldasano
Consultant & Senior Advisor
David Acea Lorenzo
Consultant & Senior Advisor
José María Ibañez
Consultant & Senior Advisor
Manuel Mendoza Rivas
Consultant & Senior Advisor
Alberto Ajuria
Vice President
Jacobo García Lozano
Senior Analyst
Pablo Area
Yago Gómez
Marta Carpi
Junior Analyst
Claudia Castro
Junior Analyst
Inés Arostegui
Junior Analyst

25 Senior Advisors in Iberia and rest of Europe