Mission & Key Principles

The mission and vision of CG Capital Europe was crafted in 2012 with the clear objective of being the independent investment bank of reference in Iberia (Spain, Portugal & Andorra) for transactions within the real estate and infrastructure sectors, having achieved to date, a brilliant track-record of more than €6,600 million in sale, purchase and financing transactions over real estate and infrastructure assets; with a success ratio exceeding 95% over CG Capital Europe’s total mandated deals to date.

At CG Capital Europe, we apply top investment banking’s high-quality work standards and professional processes & services to the real estate and infrastructure sectors, offering an optimal solution and execution in each transaction, underpinned by our deep knowledge of corporate finance and under a rigorous analysis and execution work for each transaction. Our commitment is to offer top-quality advisory services to our clients, with very high professional and ethical standards, and applying a continuous innovation; key elements that have allowed us to achieve important successes for our clients and to establish solid long-term relationships with owners, investors and lenders of many nationalities.

CG Capital Europe is fully committed to its clients, offering a 24/7/365 service, with the highest quality work standards from the design and structuring of a transaction to the post-closing phase, based on the best practices of top international investment banking. Our Founder & CEO and several members of the team have had previous successful careers in top-tier investment banks, such as Unicredit, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Barclays Capital, etc.

At CG Capital Europe we always seek to build long-term relationships, based on alignment of interests, high professionalism and independence, as well as we commit our success to the success of our clients. The corporate structure, team and other key elements of CG Capital Europe have been designed to erase any potential conflicts of interest, providing the best possible professional advisory services to our clients (investors and/or lenders).

CG Capital Europe offers tailor-made solutions to meet different needs of each client and project, analysing each deal from different perspectives, contributing with innovative and efficient approaches to each transaction, with the aim of achieving the best possible solution & execution for our clients. At CG Capital Europe we have a daily commitment with value creation, attention to details and with best-in-class professional practices.

CG Capital Europe is committed to strict confidentiality when working with our clients on any actual or future transaction. For us, this is another fundamental pillar, on which we build a close, long-term and trusting relationship with all our clients.