• Luxury Homes in Madrid

    February, 2024

During recent years, Madrid has become one of the main attractions for international investors, especially for investors from Latin America, who, invest in other countries to protect their savings. Thus, Spain is the second country after the USA with more Latin American investment due to different reports.

This attraction of foreign capital to the Spanish capital is due, among other reasons, to the fact that Madrid is the one of the best cities to live in the European Union. In addition, after a few years of paralysis in the tourism sector due to the crisis of the Covid-19, it has been reactivated achieving historical results of tourist attendance to our country during this 2023.

The main factor to consider a luxury residence is its location, being the first thing that the potential buyer or investor sees when analyzing the investment of residence; no matter how luxurious a residence is, if it is not located in the busiest and most prestigious areas of the cities, it loses all its attractiveness.

The exponential growth of demand by both national and international investors and the shortage of quality supply that this market has been experiencing in recent years, has increased the purchase price of buildings to be rehabilitated as luxury developments in recent months, being in a range between €12,000 sq.m. and €16,000 sq.m. Madrid has been the European city where prime housing prices have grown the most in the last quarters of 2023.

A concept of residence that is growing in recent years and that is gaining a lot of weight and attractiveness for international investors is the concept of the so-called ‘Branded Residences’, which are growing both in terms of volume and prices due to their high demand and are expected to increase by 55% until 2026.

The attractiveness that the city of Madrid is gaining means that the luxury residential market is in great shape and will continue to grow in the coming years, attracting more foreign capital.