• Hotel investment volume forecasted for 2022

    January, 2022

The expected volume of investment destined for the repositioning and development of new Hotels will exceed €2,850 million in 2022, of which 80% will go to the construction of new establishments in order to renovate or build 296 hotels (c.34,000 rooms). This projection shows a significant growth in comparison with previous years. If we consider the investment volume in acquisitions and Capex forecasted for 2022, we would be accounting for a total sum over c.€5,500 million.

In terms of the geographical distribution, the majority of the Capex will be accumulated in: Both Canary and Balearic Islands and the main cities as Madrid, computing for 45% of the investment predicted for 2022. Barcelona and Costa del Sol, on the other hand, will lose representation, as it will be overtaken by cities such as Seville, which will reach a volume of c.€115 million.

This shows a greater decentralisation of the investment focus, in line with the trend observed the previous years. Other provinces such as Vizcaya, Cádiz, Seville and Alicante stand out this year, reaching a 26.1% of the whole investment at national level.

Regarding the holiday and urban segments, in recent years there has been a more balanced distribution. However, the use of Capex over the next years will be focused in getting a strategic advantage and stronger positioning in order to face destinations such as Turkey and Morocco. Additionally, the urban segment will gain weight as a result of the entry of large international brands, new construction projects in non-central areas and the conversion of office buildings.

The 4-star category remains predominant in terms of investment received, accounting for 53% of total investment in 2021, projecting for 2022 an even higher investment volume followed by the 5-star category with 36% of the total.