• Winner of Best Debt Adviser of Year in Continental Europe – Real Estate Capital Europe Awards

    March, 2024

We are pleased to announce that results of Real Estate Capital Europe Awards 2023 have been unveiled. CG Capital Europe is privileged to have received recognition as Best Debt Adviser of Year (Sub-€50 million Deals) in Continental Europe. Considering our two consecutive finalist positions in these reputed awards and esteemed reputation of fellow nominees across various categories, we take great pride in achieving this prestigious professional distinction.

This great achievement has been made possible thanks to the unwavering support of our Clients, Partners and Collaborators. I would like to express my gratitude to each of you, as well as to all CG Capital Europe’s new Clients to come. This recognition serves as a further validation of our Firm’s vision and principles, established twelve years ago, to deliver value-added services to all our clients. It also reinforces our full commitment to upholding the highest principles and standards of investment banking within European real estate sector.

At CG Capital Europe, we offer a distinctive value-added service to our Clients, including structuring and execution of optimal debt (senior and mezzanine) and equity financings, a pivotal aspect in our industry that has become progressively more complex in current environment, where uncertainty in the markets makes it even more important to structure & implement an optimal capital structure. In this regard, CG Capital Europe boasts an exceptional track record, having successfully structured and executed over €2.5 billion of debt transactions. Our achievement is underscored by a 100% success ratio over exclusive financing mandates to date, underpinned by our commitment to clients, independence, honesty and confidentiality.

If you are considering any asset’s sale deal, or financing transaction, in Iberia for coming months, whether for acquisitions, capex or refinancing/recapitalisation purposes; involving senior debt, mezzanine, and/or preferred/promote/JV equity; we would be pleased to arrange a meeting/video-meeting by next days to confidentially discuss collaboration opportunities.

Thank you again for your trust and confidence in CG Capital Europe that have allowed us to get this great success.