Advisory on Sale/Purchase of Real Estate and Infrastructure Assets and Companies

CG Capital Europe provides advisory services on sale & purchase deals over real estate and infrastructure assets and companies for all type of asset’s classes, mainly focusing in Iberia (Spain, Portugal and Andorra). In addition to our activity in Iberia, we can also structure and execute transactions in other European jurisdictions such as: England, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany.

CG Capital Europe stands out for its deep knowledge and experience in different types of real estate assets (offices, shopping centres and retail parks, high-street retail, logistics and industrial warehouses, hotels, tourist apartments, residential and residential for rent -Build to Rent and PRS-, data centres, student and senior residences, parking lots, etc.). CG Capital Europe offers to its clients an extensive knowledge of thousands of investors, of the Iberian market and of corporate finance and capital markets; providing high value-added professional and independent advisory services, adapted to the specific needs of each transaction and each client, achieving most efficient and optimal execution, as well as the best results for its client in each transaction.

CG Capital Europe has privileged long-term relationships with a wide range of investors worldwide (institutional, family offices, high net worth individuals -HNWI- and other off-radar investors, other private investors, real estate investment funds, REITs, insurance companies, real estate developers, sovereign funds, pension funds, etc.), having access to 40,000 investors (from the five continents) with an investment capacity exceeding €100,000 million.

CG Capital Europe analyses and offers tailor-made solutions for each transaction, covering different perspectives and scenarios, to ensure the successful closing of each transaction under the best market terms and conditions.

CG Capital Europe has completed transactions for over €4,000 million in the past 10 years, having successfully executed several highly relevant deals in Iberia (Spain, Portugal and Andorra).