Advisory on Optimal Structuring and Raising of Equity

CG Capital Europe offers advisory services in the structuring and optimal execution of capital raising (preferred equity, promote equity, JV equity, traditional equity, etc.), for real estate and infrastructure deals, seeking the perfect partner for each deal and/or company.

CG Capital Europe has extensive experience in private and public capital markets and a deep knowledge of the different investment criteria and valuation methodologies applied by all investors (from family offices to large institutional funds, among others).

CG Capital Europe constantly brings innovation and best-in-class execution to its clients, levered on its extensive experience in all types of deals: including optimal raising of common equity / preferred equity / promote equity, the design and structuring of a Joint Venture for acquisition and/or development of assets, optimal re-capitalizations and re-financings, etc.

CG Capital Europe is able to identify the most suitable partner, at a global level, for each particular project and company, thanks to its unparalleled access to private and public capital markets and its close relationships with thousands of investors around the world.