Advisory on Optimal Structuring and Raising of Debt

CG Capital Europe offers advisory services in the design and implementation of optimal debt financings for real estate and infrastructure transactions and/or companies, identifying and attracting the most optimal lender for each deal.

CG Capital Europe has extensive experience in the private and public debt markets and a deep understanding of different financing criteria and valuation & risk measurement methodologies employed by all financial institutions (including traditional lenders -banks- and alternative lenders -debt funds and insurance companies-).

CG Capital Europe delivers high value-added advisory services to its clients in all-type of financing deals: optimal debt raising for the acquisition of assets and/or real estate companies, financial restructuring deals, refinancing deals, bridge financing, developer loans for the development/refurbishment of real estate assets, etc.

CG Capital Europe is able to identify and seek the most suitable lender, at a global level, for each transaction, thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience in financing deals and its close relationships with all financial institutions present in Europe (banks, alternative debt funds and insurance companies).

CG Capital Europe has successfully completed more than €2,600 million in real estate financing deals during the last 10 years, having designed and executed several of the most relevant deals of the last years in Iberia (Spain, Portugal and Andorra).